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Who else loves stealing a little piece of raw cookie dough before you put them to bake? Well good news for you, this recipe is just that!

ALL cookie dough with a protein punch in each bite. Our Buff Chick Chef, JamaRR -- @pancakegawd -- has rolled up this special treat.

Funfetti Cookie Dough

MACROS (per serving, makes 6 servings):
93 calories
5g protein
7g carbs
5g fat

1 scoop of Buff Chick Vegan Protein – Birthday Cake
30g of oat flour
8g of coconut flour
28g of Earth balance vegan butter
20g of sugar substitute
1 tbsp of vegan white chocolate chips
30ml of almond milk
30ml of sugar free syrup
1tsp of vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
1 tbsp of rainbow sprinkles 


In a large bowl, mix the sugar, oat flour, coconut flour, and pinch of salt (do not add protein just yet).

Next add the butter, vanilla extract, almond milk, and syrup to the bowl, then use a baking silicone spatula to mix everything up into a thick paste.

Finally add the protein powder, which will thicken everything up into a cookie dough consistency. It may seem dry, but continue mixing until it all comes together. (If for any reason it’s too dry, slowly add a splash of almond milk until you reach a consistency you like).

Fold in the white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. (Feel free to get creative with the mix-ins if you want).

With your hands, form a dough ball and place in a small bowl or container with a lid and place in the refrigerator for 1-4 hours. This time in the fridge will allow the cookie dough to thicken and the flavors will develop.

Once time has lapsed, you can enjoy the cookie however you see fit. Eat it with a spoon or form into 6 even cookie dough bites.


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