Mission, Vision & Values

With years of experience as athletes, coaches, and business owners in the health and fitness industry, our founders have learned a lot about good practices and not-so-great ones, too. That's why we're a mission-driven business. Serving our community – the right way – is our goal, and clinging to these principles is what will always guide us.


We fuel women's strength and performance. Our products are designed for female strength athletes. All supplements undergo third party testing and are BSCG Certified Drug Free®, so drug-tested athletes can consume with confidence. In addition to supporting athletes – at every phase in their strength journey – with our products, we're also dedicated to highlighting and providing financial support to the top athletes in strength sports. 


Our vision is to make supplement buying safe and fun while informing our consumers along the way. We are building a business and community that not only provides great products, but also supports the women changing the face of strength sports today.


Value #1: Transparency is at our core
We strive to educate our consumers on what products might serve them best. Our labels are clear and honest, and our formulations are free of proprietary blends or unnecessary ingredients*. We manufacture Buff Chick Supplements in facilities that are cGMP certified, and FDA registered. Every batch of supplements is third party tested and are BSCG Certified Drug Free®, so drug-free athletes can confidently choose Buff Chick Supplements.  

Value #2: Strength is for everyone
Strength is truly for everyone. We celebrate and stand with Buff Chicks regardless of how you identify. Over the years we've seen how the supplement industry overlooks many of the Buff Chicks we look up to – so we've built a brand that puts them in the spotlight. We realize that organizations and businesses have a lot of power in changing the landscape of business and media. It's time to change how the average female consumer is represented, approached, and spoken to.

Value #3: Insecurity is not for sale
Our consumers choose supplements to help enhance performance. We don't believe in prodding at vulnerabilities to sell our products, and we never will. You won't find fat burners or skinny teas in our products, and we’ll never make outrageous claims about our products.