Buffy's Bulletin

By Dr. Brittany Masteller

With so many supplements available out there, it can be confusing to know what is worth spending your money on, and what is not. The supplement industry is not regulated which means it can be a breeding ground for false claims and low-quality products. At Buff Chick, we want to make the process of choosing supplements as simple as possible by providing you with the tools you need to make the right choice for you. While we’d love for you to shop with us, we care equally about you having the knowledge yourself so that you have the power to make informed decisions that are right for you. It’s common to hear a phrase like “do your own research” when it comes to making health decisions, but what does that mean exactly? Keep reading for our tips!

Note: Please consult with a medical professional if you have questions regarding supplement use.

When making the decision to add a supplement to your diet, there are some common questions that we suggest considering to help you start your decision-making process such as:

Below are some resources to help guide your decision:

Our research section at BuffChick.com.

Here at Buff Chick, one of our core values is transparency. To alleviate the confusion of what supplements are or aren’t worth your money, we are transparent in our ingredients list and dosage so that you feel confident in making your decisions. In the research section of our website, you will find references to external key scientific research studies that back each of the main ingredients for all of our products. We do this because we want you to know that we only include ingredients that are evidence-based and proven to improve XYZ outcome.

Regarding primary research articles, a great place to start reading scientific literature is through something called position stands. Position stands are articles written by several authors of a governing body (ex: International Society of Sports Nutrition; ISSN, American College of Sports Medicine; ACSM) and represent the view of a certain subject based on the evidence available. They are often based on meta-analyses and/or systematic reviews aka an examination of all the studies that have been done on a particular topic. Below are a few examples of relevant position stands:

• ISSN Position Stand: Diets and Body Composition
• ISSN Position Stand: Caffeine and Exercise Performance
• ISSN Position Stand: Safety and Efficacy of Creatine Supplementation in Exercise, Sport, and Medicine
• ACSM Position Stand: Exercise and Fluid Replacement
• ACSM Position Stand: Nutrition and Athletic Performance


Another resource we recommend is Examine.com. This website has a database where you can look up supplements and specific ingredients to learn more about them and determine if you feel comfortable with the level of evidence that is available. Some supplements are well-studied (like creatine) while other supplements may have less evidence. More or less evidence doesn’t necessarily mean you definitely should or shouldn’t take a certain supplement, but it can help you make an informed decision about what to expect and the magnitude of change you can expect to see in certain outcomes. This is why it’s important to identify what exactly you are looking to improve (i.e. better sleep, muscle gain, decrease muscle soreness, etc.). Examine.com has a team of scientists that compile the most up-to-date evidence for the users.

We strive to educate our consumers on what products might serve them best. Our labels are clear and honest, and our formulations are free of blends that don’t state dosage or unnecessary ingredients*. We manufacture Buff Chick Supplements in facilities that are cGMP certified, and FDA registered. Every batch of supplements is third-party tested by BSCG, earning the BSCG Certified Drug Free® stamp of approval, which means drug-free athletes can confidently choose Buff Chick Supplements. 

In addition to transparency, we strongly believe insecurity is not for sale. We don’t sell products such as fat burners (see our article about fat burners), or make grand promises or false claims about the supplements we sell. 

Our final value is that strength is for everyone. We celebrate and stand with Buff Chicks regardless of how you identify. Over the years we've seen how the supplement industry overlooks many of the Buff Chicks we look up to – so we've built a brand that puts them in the spotlight. We realize that organizations and businesses have a lot of power in changing the landscape of business and media. It's time to change how the average female consumer is represented, approached, and spoken to. This includes providing the science behind our ingredients and helping you make decisions that are best for you.